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Collectiveness – together, never alone – collectively, we can change the world

Together we can make the world a better place. Bit by bit. It is possible to communicate wishes, find fair solutions and avoid possible frustration by ensuring a transparent and straightforward communication rooted in friendly interaction. Our stakeholders and we pull in the same direction – away from the swamp.

Software creations for a meaningful impact

Four eyes see more than two eyes. Co-creation promotes the four-eyes principle. In conjunction with iterative review procedures, this helps to strengthen absolute transparency and highlight opportunities to recognise and prevent deviations from objectives at an early stage. But four eyes also perceive more. Co-creation not only fuses the experiences of two worlds, but also the ideas and perspectives for our environment. Together we can find versatile, fair and meaningful products that can change societies and systems for the better.

A meaningful corporate concept for experiments and social innovation

Experiments break established company structures. The only constant hierarchy that brudi knows is the principle of ethics concerning power or profit. Responsible systemic and individual freedom, together with unconditional equality, guarantee that every Brudi is there with his heart and soul – to do good at brudi, to give something back to the community, from gratitude and satisfaction for what he has achieved, out of solidarity and in an effort to make a contribution to social balance and peaceful coexistence.

While brudi tries to sweeten the lives of our philanthropists, employees should also want the best for the community because it gives them true satisfaction. In this way we can drive social innovation towards personal fulfilment by means of flexibility and dynamic adaptation of brudi to the individual life concepts around various talents. Participation and determination at all levels, including the existence of friendly connections even before working together makes utopias come true. The common denominator of sustainability for our future is also reflected in the products we develop.

Of course, this also means the best possible implementation of the wishes of our co-creators – as long as they do not interfere with humanity in any way – by means of future-oriented and sustainable approaches. For a world worth living in unconditionally.


Grown in the hills of Colombia, shipped to the shelves of European supermarkets, ground by the killer powers of imperialism and brewed by hosts of willing interns: Coffee, the liquid Eldorado.

Sebastian 23

After ten years of software development at the Zurich coffee mill, the first Brudi came to realise that new approaches could lead to ethical and systemic improvements. Coffee is now imported into the office and ground by the consumers themselves. The software that is created here is designed to inspire developers and users. With open source and without bullshit – not for imperialists, but for society.

The first Brudi found another visionary and together they founded brudi. In the beginning the web development was rooted in the financial independence to develop one’s own platform, adapting to the self-determined life concepts of the Brudi and creating exceptional solutions.

Success and the community reinforced brudi – two became eight, chaos became Scrum and web development was followed by the Mesh journey with the heart of a cloud platform.

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