Success Story
Planning, development and sales of electronics and software for energy optimisation and control

The energy turnaround is not achieved merely with the construction of a PV plant. ROOCKiE networks the components inverter, grid supply, battery and consumer independent of the manufacturer, so that user-specific tips can be created to optimise own consumption and self-sufficiency.

ROOCKiE was looking for a development partner without having any IT expertise of their own. A Swiss telecommunications giant offered to take on the development, but made a budget claim that was not acceptable for a young spin-off. At brudi, the customer felt that not only was that their financial planning understood immediately: " I was able to talk to a developer during a visit to the brudi office. He immediately understood what I wanted and started right away with the conception. I felt understood with my vision."

The application's UX and UI were created in close collaboration, and the cloud-native (IoT) architecture was designed to read, store and process all sensor data from the available devices.

With a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), brudi wanted to demonstrate that it had understood ROOCKiE and could deliver. Through close cooperation, for example by means of weekly reviews and meeting arrangements, new detailed requirements could be quickly addressed. Design, backend and frontend came from one source and after a few months a first prototype was available. ROOCKiE's co-creator Marco recalls the highlight: "The moment I experienced the UI for the first time with the filling circle was really rewarding. I will also never forget the moment I saw the prototype live after connecting my first gateway."

The idea now had a promising MVP. With workshops and additional stakeholders, fresh ideas were generated in order to turn the MVP into a product that could compete on the international solar technology market. The development continued iteratively in accordance with Scrum - new functions were added, bugs were fixed, data structures were adapted to the industry standard and the first test users were supplied with gateways.

The newly available product offers customers a chronological consumption overview of all energy devices in a standardized and manufacturer-independent manner. The application shows the status of the devices and calculates the degree of self-sufficiency as well as the users' own consumption. ROOCKiE thus provides them with a clear platform for the entire energy management and monitoring in their own household, even remotely.

brudis optimise all processes and tools. This takes time, but efficiency has increased. brudi has also grown up - having leveled knowledge silos. Of course, the quality of the app is improving continuously, also through better structures and processes tailored to my specific wishes and requirements.

This is something genuinely positive, and I sometimes don't even get that from my own employees: You (the Brudis) really identify yourselves with the project and think accordingly.

Marco Zahner
Marco Zahner, CEO ROOCKiE AG