Design Sprints

A Design Sprint simplifies collaboration in interdisciplinary teams, enables rapid testing directly with users, efficient iteration and leads to interesting innovations. We help you in this collaborative process and bring new products, services or features to market quickly and without great risk.

Together as a team we design a personal software / app / idea with you during a brudiThinking Sprint. In collaborative workshops, the end user’s world and its challenges andneeds are discovered, routines are broken, familiar perspectives abandoned and a bunch ofnew ideas generated. The sprint lasts 3 - 5 days, depending on the requirement andcomplexity. A finished prototype then becomes available, which is immediately tested withthe users. We receive feedback and clear results on which to follow up on, which ultimatelyleads to a jointly developed backlog. During this process, we do not shy away from imaginingnew realities and working towards visions of the future.