Individual Solutions

At brudi we work not only for our customers but together with them. As product owners and participants in workshops, they play a decisive role in the creation process. We therefore like to refer to them as co-creators.

The days of overloaded DVD-based software and installation and compatibility problems are over. At brudi, individual solutions are tailor-made so that our software becomes a personal tool for our co-creators. brudi specialises in platform-independent web applications. Together with our co-creators, we develop applications which after release can be used by all employees regardless of their location – as well as by a large number of customers, no matter what devices they are using. For ingenious solutions, brudi plans and supervises the entire development process, from brainstorming to monitoring during operation. In collaborative workshops, ideas are defined, prototypes designed and requirements translated, in each case as a basis for the upcoming development. Through personalised monitoring via our own dashboard, we offer the possibility to keep an eye on the software even after project completion.

Individual software is valuable, but does not have to be expensive. Due to many reusable components and modules from the brudi Mesh, we do not have to solve every problem anew and together we can fall back on a great deal of existing knowledge from the brudi community. As part of the agile Scrum development, goals can be revised together and costs and development duration can be estimated component by component.