In the sense of problem-solving cooperation and innovation, Brudis are pleased to be able to pass on the acquired expertise. In cooperation with various experts from our network we offer individual or team courses:

  • brudi Platform
  • Design thinking
  • Agile development
  • Teal organisations & Self-Management

brudi Platform

Our developers not only designed the platform and developed the modules on it – they also use it every day. And they can chat out of the box about how the brudi Mesh Platform can make your everyday development life easier, how you can contribute to the platform and how existing solutions can save costs.

Design thinking

With trained experts from the HPI D-School in Potsdam we offer to teach mindset and methods from Design Thinking and implement them directly in your company. In a 3-day course, the Design Thinking Process is addressed as a team and a prototype is developed, which is then tested by users.

Agile development

In order to emphasise transparency and co-creation, brudi agil works with Scrum. We are happy to show you the underlying theory and the implementation of cooperation in combination with supporting tools such as JIRA from Atlassian. brudi supports you as Product Owner or Scrum Master with role coaching, or by accompanying the implementation of agile project management in companies. By getting to know each other in a team and grasping the work processes, brudi can design tailor-made workshops – for an optimally agile solution for you.

Teal organisations & Self-Management

Founded as an evolutionary, self-determined and self-organised company, we look back on several years of continuous development and improvement in practices from Sociocracy 3.0, Holocracy and agile self-organisation. Brudis are happy to pass on this expertise in individual workshop sessions or on stage and apply it directly.