Software Engineering

The brudi Software Engineering is an interdisciplinary process and consists of three methodical steps:


At brudi software design starts in the head. The problems are understood based on the business requirements of customers, following which technical requirements are defined together with developers. This process is called Requirement Engineering.


In agile processes using Scrum, we develop the software story by story according to the backlog. In short iterations, called sprints, we demonstrate the fulfilled acceptance tests, jointly check the pathways to the goal and, if necessary, make adjustments to the backlog. This guarantees a fast response time and increased efficiency for all parties involved. Bug fixing and runtime optimisation are also part of the ongoing development process at brudi.


Automated Delivery guarantees compliance with the acceptance tests and thus the defined quality of the software. At brudi, this Automated Delivery includes not only continuous development, but also continuous integration. Each part of the code (creating a complete build) must do a complete build, run through the tests, and pass them.