Our designers provide colour to ideas and turn applications into an enjoyable experience. No matter if it is with a corporate design, a specific process or without any ideas at all – in collaborative design sprints involving the product owner, designer, developer and user a (design) challenge is worked out jointly to develop a state-of-the-art application with user-specific tweaks. From informative discreet to strikingly minimalistic – from shockingly honest to artistically refreshing – a performance designed by brudi should always be a spectacular experience.


The User Interface (UI) contains all visible components, i.e. the appearance of the application. Following collaborative principles, our designers can quickly deliver graphical prototypes and create a modular design component system for you. Yet a good user interface should not only look appealing and present information as clearly as possible – it should also be in line with the corporate design of our co-creators and constantly adapt to the needs of the users. We determine these needs through interviews and user testing with low-fi and hi-fi prototypes.


The User Experience (UX) describes how users experience software. At brudi, we pursue clear principles of platform independence through cloud applications, a consistent UI, a design thinking mindset and methodical evaluation on which the user experience is built. With results from user testings, cognitive walkthroughs, studies and best practices, the foundation of brudi is extended by innovative and intuitive interaction possibilities. Software should be fun.