Meeting the challenges of a digital society requires diverse skills and a team with its finger on the pulse of the times. In order to ensure a successful implementation, Brudis provide you with teams adapted to individual needs and the appropriate technology for the implementation. With the help of a young team that can nevertheless score with many years of experience in various industries, the leap from new software to trend-setting software is a full-blown success.

Individual Solutions

The days of overloaded DVD-based software and installation and compatibility problems are over. At brudi, individual solutions are tailor-made in a co-creative process. We specialise in platform-independent web applications.

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Geteilte Freude ist doppelte Freude. brudi hat hunderte Tools, Arbeits- und Kommunikationsweisen evaluiert und getestet, um die eigene digitale Firmenstruktur erfolgreich zu betreiben.

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Design Sprints

A Design Sprint simplifies collaboration in interdisciplinary teams, enables rapid testing directly with users, efficient iteration and leads to interesting innovations. We help you in this collaborative process and bring new products, services or features to market quickly and without great risk.

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In the sense of solution-oriented cooperation and innovation, Brudis are pleased to be able to pass on the acquired expertise. In cooperation with various experts from our network we offer individual or team courses.

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