Discover the brudi key topics to modernize and digitalize your business. These are the fields our young teams focuses on in their daily work, to simplify developing software for your needs.

Cloud Native

Software at brudi is Cloud Native. Using the Cloud Native approach, we design applications as microservices and operate them in a container-based, dynamically orchestrated platform such as the brudi Mesh in order to take full advantage of modern cloud computing models.

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Software Engineering

The brudi Software Engineering is an interdisciplinary process and consists of three methodical steps: Design, Implementation, Testing.

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Our designers provide colour to ideas and turn applications into an enjoyable experience. No matter if it is with a corporate design, a specific process or without any ideas at all – in collaborative workshops a (design) challenge is worked out jointly to develop a state-of-the-art application with user-specific tweaks.

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We achieve digital innovation, as well as social innovation, beyond need orientation, beyond borders and beyond dreams. We rely on user-centric methods such as lean product development and design thinking on the one hand, and on speculative, developed future scenarios on the other.

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DevOps (Development & IT Operations) is a collection of mindsets, practices and tools that make it easier to deliver applications and services. Based on proven practices, brudi can implement requirements quickly and as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

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IoT is the abbreviation for Internet of Things. The Internet is now available almost everywhere in the industrialised world. In order to automate processes, procedures and measurements, more and more sensors and devices seek to communicate with each other.

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